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The latest Office apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Available as a web app and installable software.

Modernizaing the workplace.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is a single, integrated technology solution that includes Office productivity apps. This also includes security features and device management.

Why Choose Us?

There are three major benefits to implementing microsoft products through us. Value added setup and support, discount, and security.

1. Value Added Setup & Support.


Setting up a business subscription on Microsoft's website does not consider the specific needs of your company and its environment. For example, you would need multi-factor authentication for certain teams or domains, aliases and shared groups but this is complex without IT support. Our services include engaging with clients and providing them with the optimum configurations for their Microsoft tools.

2. Discount

We can find the best available Microsoft plans and licensing opportunities, which will give us more competitive pricing.

3. We are your point of contact.

Sometimes Microsoft's subscriptions get complicated and you may not have time in your busy schedules to call Microsoft support directly. Fortunately, we are invested in your productivity, security and most importantly- getting you working!

4. Plus, Gear Apps. 
Our company has a variety of essential apps that you need in your business, such as our contact directory and shared contacts app. You can also use this on your phone or as a web application! We offer it with Microsoft plans. It's like buy one and get one free.


Microsoft 365 Business Plans

Choose one that works for you.

Business Standard



Every month, yearly term

1TB Storage / User

Desktop version of Office apps with premium features

Easily host webinars

Manage customer appointments.

Support (24/7)

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, Onedrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Access(PC), Publisher(PC)


 Most Popular 

Business Premium



Every month, yearly term

1TB Storage / User

Business Standard included. Best for business with security, remote work solutions. 

Advanced Threat Protection

PC and mobile device management

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook, Onedrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Access(PC), Publisher(PC), Intune, Azure Informatin Protection




Every month, yearly term


All of the features for Business Premium(Outlook Customer Manager, MileIQ1, Defender exclud.)

Azure AD, ECAL Suite Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, Windows, SCCM, Win. Rights Management.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint,  Outlook, Onedrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Access(PC),




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