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3 Ways to Collaborate on Shared Contacts With Your Team

Collaboration on Shared Contacts

As your business grows and requires managing multiple employees and customers, you will need to share contact information effectively. Of course you can buy CRM tools, but you also want a universal shared contacts solution for your entire staff, not just your sales team.

If your organization is using Gmail, then you would want to make the most of the application without paying too much money for your company. There are three ways to collaborate with shared contacts so that team members can work together more easily. Here’s how.

Option 1. Use Google Sheets Real Time Collaboration

The easiest way to collaborate on shared contacts is to use Google Sheets real time collaboration. This is built into the Google Sheets editor and allows multiple people to edit a document at the same time. If you have a Google account, you can start using it straight away. The real time collaboration feature is built into the Google Sheets editor, so you don’t need to download or install anything. One way is export google contacts as google sheets, share with folks and import the updated shared contact. You can export/import contacts so bringing contacts in your gmail can be handy. However, this import/export process can be cumbersome.

Option 2. Use Shared Contacts Sync for Gmail

Since you have many contacts in Google Contacts, using a solution to sync your contacts with Gmail makes sense. Google Workspace doesn’t have an option to share certain contacts to your collaborators. That's why Google offers Shared Contacts API so you can write a program and make a tool to share contacts. Another option is to buy Google Shared Contacts App for Gmail. However, these solutions are leveraging Shared Contacts API thus there will be pros and cons along the way.

Option 3. Use Shared Contacts Sync for Google Sheets

To avoid google contacts getting messy with API or third party plugin apps, there’s an alternative and easy way to handle contacts to be shared. What if we leverage benefits of collaboration on Google Sheets but make it easier with permission control without messing up your Google Contacts?

That's where Shared Contacts with Google Sheets comes in. As a standalone app synced with Google Sheets, you can manage your contacts, send email and text messages from your mobile device or desktop.

You can also have advanced collaboration features, such as showing addresses on Google maps, adding custom fields, or having different contact views such as a deck, table, gallery, or card view.


In the case of Shared Contacts App for Gmail or working on a Google Sheet, not knowing how to do it effectively or having limitations can be a frustrating experience. Real time collaboration is the easiest way to collaborate on a Google Sheet, but it isn’t suitable for everyone. If you need to give access to people who don’t have Google accounts, or you want more advanced collaboration features, then you can install a Google Shared Contacts for Google Sheets tool. Collaborating on a Google Sheet is as straightforward as possible, and it’s a great way to keep projects on track and moving towards completion.

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