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5 Ways to Save Money Using Google Workspaces

Google Workspace can save your money

Have you ever found yourself working with a team on a project and wished there was a better way to easily collaborate with them? Or maybe you’ve had to find online meeting spaces with your team to keep things organized. When you work remotely, it can be challenging to get your team together. But Google has a solution for that, too: Google Workspaces. These are collaborative workspaces that allow multiple users to access the same document simultaneously from anywhere in the world. Workspaces are virtual meeting spaces that make collaboration easy. They provide many features of an office space–such as video chat, document editing, and whiteboard–in a digital format. Users can share their screens or take control of another user’s screen remotely. This makes it easy for groups of people who don’t work together full-time to work as if they were all in the same room at the same time.

Go to Google Workspaces for Cheap Collaboration

If you have a team with members who are spread out geographically, you might be paying a lot of money for travel. Google workspaces are a great solution for keeping your costs down. If you use Google workspaces, your team can communicate with each other from any location. This makes it easy for teams who are distributed to collaborate and stay in touch with each other. Google Workspace Business Starter is the cheapest plan, and only costs $6 per user per month.

Save on Travel Costs with Google Meet

If you’re paying for flights, hotels, and meals for employees who are visiting clients, you could save some money by bringing those clients to you. Using Google Meet, you can have teleconferences with clients who are spread out geographically. You can also use Google Meet for one-on-one meetings. You can invite participants to your room, share your screen during the meeting, and then archive the meeting for easy reference later. Depending on your plan, you may even be able to record the entire meeting and share it with attendees who weren't able to attend.

Keep Documents in Sync with Real-time Collaboration

Google workspaces provide real-time collaboration with an online document collaboration tool such as Google Docs. Using Docs, you can keep all your team's documents in one central location. This way, everyone on your team can access and edit the same documents at the same time, without worrying about saving their work or timing out another person’s computer.

Add Email Aliases, Domain Aliases and Groups

An email alias allows a user to receive emails from a different email address without the need to create a new account. For example, you can have an alias like, “, board@ and send email as an email alias. Also, you can add multiple domains as domain aliases. For example, if you have multiple domains for a brand or company like, those domains can be added as domain aliases. You can set it up in such a way that you can still send and receive emails using both old and new domains, but only be under one account – allowing you to have two email addresses at no additional cost. Finally, shared inboxes such as sales@, info@ and accounts@ can be set up as groups. Owners and managers of groups can create a collaborative Inbox where members can take and assign tasks. By creating a collaborative Inbox, group owners and managers can easily share and collaborate with their teams. You can create groups at no charge.

Add Archive User License

Messages and data can be archived if a user leaves your organization. You do not have to pay for a full Google Workspace license to maintain your vault archive for past users in Google Workspace. Depending on your subscription, Archive User licenses will cost between $4 and $7 per user per month ($48-$84 per year).


Google workspace allows you to collaborate in real time and keep your team connected, while saving lots of money. Whether you need to conduct video conferences, share documents, or troubleshoot computer issues, Google workspaces can help. On top of that, you can further save money on licenses with Google Workspace partner Gear Cloud Solutions.

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