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What Is Chrome Enterprise? - A Guide to Google's Chrome Management Solution (Year 2022)

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Operating a Chrome device requires a significant amount of operational overhead. For example, you have to manage Chrome devices individually and manually, in addition to the time and effort that goes into maintaining a Chrome software.

When it comes to managing Chrome on a corporate network, you have two options: manage Chrome manually or use a Chrome Management Solution, in other words Chrome Enterprise. Using a Chrome Enterprise solution instead of manual management can significantly streamline your organization's Chrome management.

In this article, we’ll cover what Chrome enterprise is, its benefits, and the primary Chrome management solutions available.

What is Chrome Enterprise?

A Chrome Enterprise is a service that automates detection, configuration, and supervision of Chrome devices on a network. This service simplifies the management of Chrome devices by providing an interface for the most common tasks, such as configuration and device supervision.

Chrome Enterprise simplifies your organization’s process by eliminating time-intensive manual processes. For example, establishing a Chrome management solution can reduce the amount of time it takes to install and configure new Chrome devices, as well as maintaining them in an enterprise environment.

Additionally, a Chrome management solution can help you mitigate human error when needed. Let’s say you have lots of different types of devices: Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Chromebook Pros, etc.

Even if you establish rules that specify which device should run which version of the software, there will be times when someone will forget or not follow instructions. With a Chrome management solution in place, you can enforce those specific rules automatically with one click. This ensures that everyone is following company policies without any extra work from employees.

Finally, if you want to keep tabs on employee performance across multiple sites and devices, using a Chrome management solution can help give your team more context about what they are doing on their computers during working hours. It also helps you identify downtime and other issues within an organization's workflow so that you can get to the root cause faster than ever before.

Chrome Enterprise Comparison

Simple Steps to Take Before You Use Chrome Enterprise

Before you decide to use Chrome enterprise, you should take the following steps:

1. Determine whether your organization needs a Chrome Enterprise solution

2. Test your current Chrome management process using manual management

3. Identify your top Chrome issues and develop a plan to overcome them

4. Implement a Chrome management solution when your test process is satisfactory

Chrome Enterprise Use Cases

Chrome Enterprise has many applications that can benefit businesses and educational organizations.

Business Use Case:

Chrome Enterprise improves the operational efficiency throughout the entire device lifecycle-from deployment to deprovisioning. The user is able to see time savings, whether it be in deploying a Chromebook or deprovisioning one when its end of life has come.

Chrome Enterprise brings the best of both worlds: a bridge for full-featured and proprietary enterprise applications. Whether accessing websites, progressive web apps or Android Apps, Chromebooks provide a surface that promotes secure collaboration across each ecosystem.

Chrome Enterprise continuously evolves because it’s a core part of the Chrome OS experience. It offers updates every six weeks, so end users can access new features and security improvements without interruption from their work or home computer.

Educational Use Cases:

Chromebooks are a great option for students and faculty. They offer everything you need to work, even on the go. Chromebooks can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection or offline - email, documents, photos that take advantage of cloud storage- it doesn't matter because all your data is stored locally in long term storage.

Sharing Chromebooks for students to access with limited internet-enabled capabilities can be another good use case. Students don’t have to be face-to-face in a classroom, or even on campus, and they will still manage their school assignments remotely.

Chromebooks can be used by students and faculty in the workplace. Instead of a traditional laptop, Chromebooks offer enterprise-grade security for Chromebook use with Chrome Enterprise kiosk mode and public session mode options.

Licensing and What's Next?

You can purchase Chrome Enterprise Upgrade or Chrome Education Upgrade. While both of these programs have annual and perpetual license options, the education entity would be able to buy a perpetual license instead.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade simplifies the admin console, providing a secure way to manage your Chrome OS devices. If you want to learn more about Chrome Enterprise Solutions, how they benefit your business and various industries, reach out to Gear Cloud.

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