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Why You Should prefer Your Service Country to the United States for Google Workspace

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Gear Cloud is Google Workspace Partner

There are many reasons why you should change your service country to the United States for Google Workspace. Even if you work from home or from other countries, you can still use Workspace if you have a Google account. However, you may have different reasons for wanting to change your service and/or billing country for Workspace. Among them are the following:

- You have a US-based business.

- You have employees in the US.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of changing your service country from your current service country for Google Workspace and why you should.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a tool provided by Google that allows you to create “workspaces” where you can store files, access your computers from anywhere, and collaborate with other people who use Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is suitable for teams of all sizes. If you have a small team or want to work with clients on the other side of the globe, this tool is for you.

Google Workspace can also be used to collaborate with clients or friends who are located in other nations or regions. You can create a space that provides a physical space for them to work in as well as a digital space. When they log onto their digital space, they can see what you have on your computer and vice versa.

Google Workspace is also useful for freelancers or remote workers who have clients from other countries. Since the files are stored in a digital space, you don’t need to be present for meetings or client meetings. You can collaborate remotely with clients and create documents together.

What is the benefit of changing your service country for Google Workspace?

A benefit of choosing the United States as your service country for Google Apps is that you will be able to use over 60 additional services with your subscription. Those include, among others, Google Fi, Google Voice and Google Play(US) (and some beta or new products). Many other features are also available first in the US.

Additional Google Services in Google Workspace for customers in the US

Also, you can choose a geographic location for your data. Currently there are two available options: United States or Europe. Users who don't have a supported edition aren't covered by data region policies—even if you apply the policy to their organizational unit.

Finally, you can get local support from partners and Google during your business hours in the United States. If your service country is say Europe but the majority of your business operations are in the US, when you have a technical issue and if you submit a ticket to Google Workspace Support they assume that you are in Europe and will assign it to someone on their team who specializes with other regions.

Google works with local partners and support staff in each service country, so if you have a technical issue while your business is based in the US, but the service country is misconfigured as Europe, Google will assign it to someone on their team who specializes in the Europe region under their timezone. It will likely cause a delay on resolving the issue since your operating during US business hours, but support is contacing from different business hours.

Google does not allow all service and/or billing changes to your requests unless they are done by certain partners with exceptional circumstances. So if you aren't sure whether changing your country will affect the account, it's best to ask Google Workspace Partner.


Google Workspace is a great tool for collaborating with others and storing files. You can use this tool to store your project files, collaborate with others on your team, and even collaborate with clients or friends around the world. A Google account’s service country can affect which Google products and services you can access.

If you have a business in multiple countries, or recently moved to the US from a different country, chances are you want to discuss with your partner and create an environment that's more suitable for better serviceability.

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